Where racing careers begin....
 Blake Pittman is a six year old quarter midget driver. Blake started in the sport at the age of four and a half. Over the last year and a half Blake has competed in multiple racing series along the I-25 corridor and is traveling to national events across the United States in 2018.

Blake will be racing in the Jr. Honda class as well as the Jr. Animal class during the 2018 racing season.. Racing is year round for Blake starting in January racing the Region 8 Winter Indoor Series. Through the summer Blake will race the Southern Colorado Series, The Front Range Series, and also attend national Quarter Midget Association Grand National events around the US. Finishing the year will be a  trip to Las Vegas to  race in the Winter Nationals.  

Blake’s race cars are a Tad Fiser Racing design with top of the line components  to keep Blake ahead of the competition .

Blake Pittman has a passion for racing, and being on the track. He enjoys practicing on a weekly basis, and racing on the weekends. He is looking toward to future and what racing has to offer. 

Current Classes:
  • JR Honda - Fiser Racecar
  • JR Animal- Fiser Racecar